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Friday, May 10, 2013

Salad Bar Love - A Guilty Pleasure

Let me start by saying that one of my guilty pleasures (it's not even bad for you) is a well stocked salad bar.  The Lunds (MN Grocery Store) across the street from me is one of my favorites and I will frequently run over there and make a huge salad for dinner when I am being lazy!  I am also pretty spoiled at my offices because our Cafe has a pretty great salad bar too!    I know odd way to start a blog post talking about salad bars and how they are my guilty pleasure... But I swear I have a point.

There are many things I love about a well stocked salad bar.  Lets take a look at the one at work as an example.  Our work salad bar is packed with a great selection of fresh veggies and this really awesome grain bar!  I mean we have everything from fresh made quinoa to farro and everything in between.  It is pretty awesome!

Ok now here is the point I am trying to make by telling you all about my salad bar obsession... I am completely obsessed about adding grains into my salads!   Quinoa and Farro have been my favorite go to grains recently!  Not only do I love the bulk that grains add to my salads but I love the addition of the texture and flavor!  I find that topping my salads even with a few spoonfuls of these nutrition packed grains keeps me full and alert well into the afternoon!   Check out my favorite go to lunch salad!  Its pretty hearty!

Farro Chopped Salad for One:

One Handful Arugula Chopped
1 Handful Lettuce (I like romaine or butter lettuce) torn into bite size pieces
Handful of Grape Tomatoes Chopped Small
1 Tbs Red Pepper Chopped
1/4 Cup Corn (Fresh or Frozen)
1/2 Cup Prepared Farro (I like Trader Joe's - cooks in 10 min)!
1/4 Cup Chickpeas
1/4 Avocado Chopped
1 Tbs Dressing of choice (Trader Joe's Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette is my fav)

Combine chopped vegetables in a mixing bowl and toss.
2- Add in farro, chickpeas - toss again
3- Add dressing of choice - toss one last time and serve!

Easy, delicious, filling and nutritious!

Check out these other great grain salads from around the web!

1- Waldorf Salad with Steel Cut Oats - Cooking Light 
2- Heirloom Grain Chopped Salad - Epicurious
3- Everyday Green Chopped Salad - Jamie Oliver - I would add grains to this!


  1. I was recently getting a salad bar with a friend the other day and said "i love salad bars so much"...too funny!

  2. Girl, I'm so jealous of your fabulous salad bars! The closest one to me is Whole Foods, and that is still thirty minutes away! I will definitely be trying out this salad so thanks for the recipe :)

  3. I feel like your not the only one with this little secret. Sadly I only have one really great salad bar in my city. Those photos make me hungry!



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