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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ever Changing

I have noticed as I have gotten older how my taste buds seem to be ever changing.  Foods I used to find absolutely revolting I know actually enjoy.  Such as brussel sprouts (this is one of my favorite brussel sprout recipes)
and blue cheese (I never understood as a child why someone would want to eat cheese with blue mold)! 

So this past Sunday when I decided to try a dish that featured eggs and a tomato sauce I thought two things... Why not, maybe I will actually enjoy the dish and two have I absolutely lost my mind? How could I think my taste buds would enjoy this eggy combination? You see eggs with any kind of red sauce whether it be salsa, marinara sauce, ketchup or hot sauce kinda gave me the creeps!  And now I was going to make a dinner that featured the two... together?  Yup...I may have lost my mind!  

But to be completely honest this dish turned out amazing!  And despite me calling Derek over to look at the pot as I exclaimed "this doesn't look like the picture" both Derek and I enjoyed the dish!  We even said we would make it again, thats how much we enjoyed it!  So now that I may have scared some of you off with my rambling about my taste buds and odd food aversions I feel like I should clue you in on what I actually made! 

Well the recipe I tried on Sunday night came from my newest edition of Cooking Light.  And in good old Hilliary fashion the magazine is already bent, dog earred, and has food splatters all over it from cooking with it!  The dish I prepared for Derek and I was featured in the magazines 20 minute meals and is called Shakshuka (and honestly I have no idea how to pronounce it)! 

 Cooking Light explains the dish as an Israeli take on Huevos Rancheros.  The dish featured marinara sauce (amped up with veggies) eggs and brown rice!  The dish came together in just about 30 minutes and was fairly easy to prepare.  The hardest part I found was cooking the eggs!  Read the recipe, you will understand why!  The recipe serves four but I was unsure how eggs would be reheated for leftovers so I simply made two eggs sunday night (you can easily fry up an egg as you reheat the leftover rice and marinara sauce).   

Oh and for those of you that have a egg sauce aversion like I used to  a few of the reviews online said to sub in chickpeas for the eggs!  

Try this recipe... you might just surprise your taste buds! 

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  1. Hmm that sounds interesting! I will have to try this sometime! Hope all is well with you :)


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