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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Picture Perfect - The Wolfe's

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and this past Thanksgiving my family got some pretty good ones!  You see the entire Wolfe family has not been together to celebrate a holiday in years (almost 10 to be exact) So when my Grandmothers 80th Birthday fell over Thanksgiving this year, we all gathered in Tennessee to celebrate.  

Not only has the entire Wolfe family not celebrated a holiday in years, but it has been decades since we have taken a family portrait.  We were well over due for an updated picture, and used our Thanksgiving gathering as a time to capture it! 

The talented Tracy Shoopman was our photographer and she did a wonderful job capturing our family.  Check out her website to see more of her beautiful work.  Click Here   Tracy was great to work with and was open to my families many photo suggestions and "funny/ridiculous" side!  We had a blast taking pictures. 

I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you today! 

Oh my silly family!  We had a good laugh with this picture! 

By far one of my favorites!  I love the sun behind us, and all the colors in our scarves! 

 Ridiculous!  In a good way! 

The Whole Gang!  

Like I said, we had a wonderful time taking our family pictures!  Now lets just hope we don't wait another 10+ years to take another group shot! 

Happy Wednesday All!