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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap!

I thought I would share just a few highlights with you today, from Derek and My first Valentine's Day together!

  I mentioned before in this post that my ideal Valentine's day is actually a low key night at home!  A night spent cooking, relaxing and talking.  And this Valentine's Day that is exactly what I got! 

Derek made me the most thoughtful gift! 
Origami Flowers!  So thoughtful, and a creative spin on Valentine's Day Flowers! 

Minnesota Gopher Basketball Tickets for Derek! 
I got him tickets to see the Minnesota/Indiana game!  I can't wait, it will be a fun evening! 

I made Derek's favorite meal - Shrimp and Spinach Risotto - 
The dish came out perfectly, just like it usually does! 
I follow this recipe from Taste of Home.   It is delicious!

A meal just isn't complete without a good glass of wine!
The wine we enjoyed on our first date! 

And the perfect ending to a meal... a decedent chocolate brownie!
Rich Brownie+ Decedent Frosting+Melty Vanilla Ice Cream = Dessert Heaven! 

 I followed this brownie recipe from Cooking Light (leaving out the walnuts for Derek)!  The brownies were rich and studded with melted chocolate, perfection.  To make the brownies even more decedent (oh yes, I went there) I made the frosting from this Cooking Light recipe.  Texas sheet cake frosting by far is the best! Delicious!

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?