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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Workout Shake Up - Barre Bliss

For the past week I have been shaking up my fitness routine at Barre Bliss
Barre Bliss is a local fitness studio in Minneapolis that offers barre classes, yoga, cycling and barre bliss boot camp!  

I am loving the excitement and variety that I am getting from doing a few classes a week at Barre Bliss!

So far I have taken a cycling class, yoga (let's hope I get my flexibility back) and the Barre Bliss boot camp which has been one of my favorites!  I  finding that mixing up my workout routine has helped me break out of the little workout rut I feel like I have been sinking in! Plus I am getting back in the groove of early week day mornings (hello again 5:20 AM) and it feels great! 

Not only has it been fun to shake up my fitness routine but I have seriously enjoyed trying something new and spending quality time with some of my girlfriends! 

So if you haven't already I suggest you get out there and try a barre class! I swear you will enjoy it! You might even get hooked! 

Read more about what a barre class is here, here and a few helpful tips here!

Happy Wednesday!