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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Time to Train - TC 10 Miler

It is time to get it in gear!  My 10 miler is 7 weeks away!  While I am not terribly stressed about the race and the long mileage, I would still like to do a bit of training before race day!  That means a few  8 or 9 mile run before the big day, October 6th!    

My sister will be running the TC 10 K this year which is a part of the TC weekend events!  Her race is the day before mine and I am super excited to cheer her on  as she runs her first ever 10K!  She is going to do great!  

Both my sister and I are following Hal Higdon training programs (I Used the Hal Higdon program when training for my first Half Marathon – Read about it here, here and here)!

Since I only have 7 weeks until the big race I am going to jump right in at week 4.   

Check out my training plan here

I have been running at least one to two 4-5 mile runs each week (along with a few shorter miles) and have really been focusing on my speed for shorter runs to build my endurance.  The only problem I have with working on speed is now I don’t know how to pace myself slower to tackle a longer run!  All things I must work on in the next 7 weeks!  

Along with kicking training into gear I am going to be cleaning up my diet so I feel my absolute best on race day!  I am usually pretty healthy when it comes to eating but I am going to try and stay clear of refined sugar and alcohol while I train like I did when I trained for my half(weddings being the exception to the rule )!  

Stay tuned for more training recaps new recipes and the end race results!  And when all is said and done I feel a new pair of running kicks will be in order!  I am thinking these…

Do you have any big races coming up?  What are your favorite training programs?

Chop Chop

This past Saturday I completely chopped my hair off! 
Once I decided to chop it off there was no turning back, even when my hair dresser told me she would be taking about 5 inches off the back!  5 inches!!  That is a lot of hair!  

I had taken this picture to my haircut as somewhat of an inspiration.

And after an hour in the stylist chair this...

Turned into this...

I still cannot believe that I decided to chop it all off!  I think I was just ready for a drastic change!

While I am still getting used to the length (I struggle liking fresh haircuts) I am loving how quickly I can do my hair in the mornings!  I have been playing around with different ways to wear my hair now and have loved playing around with different styling products!  I have been using and loving a Kevin Murphy fibre paste to give my hair great texture and body!

Plus it comes in a really cool container!  While chopping my hair off was drastic I still have to say it has been a nice change!

What is the most drastic thing you have done to your hair?