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Thursday, February 27, 2014

{Avocado Egg Sandwich with Siracha Yogurt Sauce}

Egg sandwiches are becoming my favorite sandwich to quickly whip up.  They are my go to week night dinner for one, or my savory brunch pick on a lazy Saturday morning.  What I love best about a simple egg sandwich is the variety!  You can basically pile any veggie, cheese or spread you like onto your egg sandwich to make it your own unique creation!    You don't need any crazy ingredients to whip this simple sandwich up, but the end results are delicious!

This simple egg sandwich can easily be doubled for 2 or quadrupled for four!  I love the creaminess that the avocados gives the sandwich and the sharp cheddar and siracha yogurt sauce add a one, two punch of flavor!  Serve with coffee, OJ  and fruit for a complete weekend brunch, or with raw veggie sticks and fruit for a simple dinner!

Avocado Egg Sandwich with Siracha Yogurt Sauce:
Brunch N'Cupcakes 
Serves One 
(Easily double or Quadruple to serve a crowd)

2 Slices Good Quality Bread (I love Ezekiel Bread 4:9) 
2-3 Avocado Slices 
1 Egg White 
1 Tablespoon Plain Greek Yogurt 
1-2 Teaspoon Siracha (depending on how spicy you like things) 
Salt and Pepper to Taste 
2 thin slices good quality sharp cheddar 
4 Thin Bell Pepper Slices
** Serve with fresh fruit of raw vegetable slices

1- Toast your bread and set aside.  
2-Combine yogurt and siracha sauce in a small bowl and spread a thin layer over one slice of toasted bread.  Set aside. 
3- In a small skillet sprayed with cooking spray, fry your egg white. 
4- Assemble your sandwich.  Layer egg white atop slice of bread with siracha yogurt sauce facing up.  Next top egg with red pepper slices and top with avocado.  Sprinkle avocado with salt and pepper, and drizzle with remaining siracha yogurt sauce.  Top with second slice of bread. 


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