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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

{Strawberry Dumplings}

**This recipe was originally posted last year around the 4th of July!  Re-sharing today as these Strawberry Dumplings make the perfect dessert for your 4th of July gathering!  They are a Wolfe family favorite!  Whip up some homemade vanilla ice cream to go with, and you will have one drool worthy 4th of July Dessert (though store bought ice cream works just as well, you will still get the drool factor)!  Enjoy!!!

Hard to believe that the weekend and Monday have come and gone!    But, I guess that is to be expected when you have a jam packed weekend, and a long to do list on Monday!  This past weekend I moved (the move isn't over yet), I baked, I ran  and most importantly celebrated my little sisters birthday!  It was a fun yet exhausting weekend, but I wouldn't have changed any of it!

You know what else I feel like is over in the blink of an eye?  June!!  Tomorrow is July 1st and the 4th of July is right around the corner!  Summer is moving at the speed of light and I feel as though Fall might be here before I know it.  Life slow down!

Well, with the 4th of July being a few short days away I thought I would share with you a few celebration worthy recipes this week, starting off with a good old family favorite... Strawberry dumplings!  Now I have to say that Strawberry Dumplings are not just a Wolfe family 4th of July tradition, Strawberry Dumplings are a summer tradition!  It just wouldn't be summer without making a few batches (or multiple batches) of Strawberry Dumplings!  You better believe that once fresh strawberry stands start popping up alongside the road that my mom will be there picking out the best Strawberries, to put into her delicious little dumplings!  There is nothing light or healthy about these dumplings, but there is no way I am going to mess with this  family recipe!   Sometimes you just don't mess with a recipe that is perfection and sometimes you just have to feed your soul, and these strawberry dumplings will do just that!  I love that this recipe was hand written by my Grandma and placed in a recipe book that she then gave to my mom.  At the bottom of my mom's hand written recipe my grandma has written that the recipe has been passed down from her mother my great grandma Beulah Ford, from Lafallete Tennessee,  it really is the little things in life that can be such a joy!  These dumplings are perfect warm or even at room temperature!  My family prefers them warmed up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!  The vanilla ice cream melts around the dumpling and gets coated in the sweet syrup, pure perfection!  So with that, enjoy from my family to yours!  Whip these up as a part of your 4th of July Holiday dessert spread, you won't be sorry! 

Strawberry Dumplings
Family Recipe 
Makes 16 Dumplings 

Prepared pie crust for a 2 crust pie, use this recipe or Pillsbury refrigerated dough
1 Quart Strawberries hulled and sliced 

2 Cups Sugar 
1 Cup Water 
1/2 Cup Butter 

1- If not using prepared pie crust then role pie crust out thin.  If using prepared pie crust lay flat on surface and move to step #2
2- Cut pie crust into 16 equal squares. 
3- Taking one square of pie crust at a time, fill the center of the square with 4-5 strawberries.  Fold the corners of the square into the center (covering the strawberries).  Lightly pinch the corners together and set "dumpling" in a 9x13 glass baking dish.  Repeat with the remaining pie crust squares. 
4- Now combine sugar, water and butter in a small sauce pan.  Bring to a boil, and let mixture boil for 5 minutes.  
5- Pour sauce evenly over dumplings and place dumplings in a 375 degree oven to bake.  Bake dumplings for 30 minutes, or until tops are lightly browned.  Serve warm with vanilla ice cream, we like homemade!  


For more delicious 4th of July inspired recipes check out Raise.Com (link to homepage)- they have put together a compilation of 4th of July recipes from bloggers around the country!  Link, Here!  Check it out! 

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