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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

{Race Recap - TC 10 Mile 2014}

This recap is a little late (about a week late) but still… better late than never! 

2 Sundays ago (October 5th)  I ran my 2nd Twin Cities 10 mile race (my 4th 10 mile race total)!  And I still feel that to this day the TC 10 mile is one of my favorite races.  I love the TC 10 mile course, the spectators and just the overall joy I get while running that race (well any race for that matter)!    I couldn’t have asked for better weather either!  The sun was shining, there was the perfect amount of chill in the air and zero wind!  Perfect running weather! 

I will admit that before this last race I was feeling a little blah about running.  I was running more out of routine then for the enjoyment of running!  I found myself even dreading going for a run – something that very rarely happens to me!  Anyways, long story short I approached this years TC 10 Mile with an open mind.  I hadn’t trained my hardest and was determined to listen to my body during the run and to simply run for enjoyment.  I didn’t look at my overall time once during the entire run, I watched my mile pace and tuned into how my body felt.  That scenario must have paid off because I shaved 8 seconds off my mile time and came in a minute faster than I had the previous year in the exact same race!  I was calm during the entire race and took the whole experience in!   This year’s TC 10 miler helped rejuvenate my love for running, funny how the adrenaline of a crowed and flying across a finish line can remind you of why you love something!  Crazy how that works!

I also have to give huge props to my cheering section!  I don’t think I could or would be as successful in running without my cheering section!  My mom, sister and Derek all braved the chill with me Sunday morning just to cheer me on!  Thanks guys, I love you!

2014 TC 10 Mile Stats: 
Overall Time (Chip) - 1:15:35
Mile Time - 7:40 Min/Mile 
Place - 73 out of 1017 (Female Age 22-29)

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