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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

{Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bites with Chia Seeds, Chocolate Chips and Cranberries}

The Girls on the Run Spring season has officially started!  We are about a week into the season, and I'm thrilled to be serving with GOTR as a coach again!  I love being able to spend a few hours with the GOTR girls, it is such a blast to watch these girls grow over the season, and to watch the team begin to act as one unified group!

Since GOTR has started up again, I need easy and packable snacks that will keep my energy up  all through practice!  Generally I am heading straight to the gym after GOTR practice, so my snack needs to be substantial enough to keep me moving, but light enough, so I don't feel weighted down!   I have found that a mix of carbs and protein is just the answer to my snack needs on long, busy days!  These tiny peanut butter oatmeal bites are packed full of flavor and good for you ingredients like oatmeal, chia seeds, peanut butter and honey!  These flavor packed bites get a little chocolaty goodness from semi sweet chocolate chips, and a zing from dried cranberries!  Make a batch and store in an air tight container for about a week!  They are the perfect power snack that can easily be thrown in your gym bag, work bag or purse!  

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bites with Chia Seeds, Chocolate Chips and Cranberries
Brunch N'Cupcakes 
Makes about 20 balls 

1 1/2 Cup Rolled Oats
1 Cup Peanut Butter (I used Jiff Natural) 
1/3 Cup Honey (can add 1/2 cup if you would like a little sweeter) 
1/2 Cup Chocolate Chips 
1/2 Cup Dried Cranberries (no sugar added) 
1/4 Cup Chia Seeds 

1- Combine peanut butter, oats and honey.  Mix together until well combined (I used my hand mixer) 
2 - Add in Chia seeds and again mix together until well combined (once again used hand mixer). 
3- Stir in chocolate chips and cranberries.  Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and begin shaping "dough" into one inch balls.  Continue rolling dough into one inch balls until no dough remains.  Place in fridge for about an hour to allow balls to firm.  Store in an air tight container for about a week.