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Monday, June 2, 2014

{Stir Fried BBQ Chicken}

Warm weather and sunshine are seriously two of the best things.  And since the Minnesota weather has been getting nicer and nicer (yes, even the rain is a welcome change to all the snow we were still getting in March/April)  I cannot help but be in an insanely good mood!  In the Summer months I fid myself craving anything that is grilled, or contains BBQ sauce, and I can never get enough fresh fruit! 

So what does all this talk about BBQ and grilling have to do with today's recipe?  A whole lot, because I put on a new twist on stir fry!  I gave this chicken stir fry a Summer kick by subbing in a tangy homemade  BBQ sauce in place of the traditional stir fry sauce!  The outcome?  Down right delicious, I am surprised that there were even leftovers after this meal!  The homemade BBQ sauce is tangy and sweet with just the right amount of heat, and is super easy to whip up!   The stir fry comes together in a snap, and is delicious served along side steamed veggies, or a simple green salad!  Serve on a whole wheat bun for a healthy take on a traditional sloppy joe, or with corn bread muffins to soak up the extra BBQ sauce (don't want to let the sauce go to waste)!