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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

{Crock Pot Salsa Chicken}

This salsa chicken is one of the most popular recipes on the blog!  

And you know what... I just made them a whole lot easier!  I turned this shining star of a recipe into one that can be made in your crock pot!  How about that!  My crock pot becomes my best friend around this time of year!  Something about chilly weather and shorter days that just make gravitate towards easy meal prep!  There is nothing better then coming home after a long day and not having to think about what I have to cook.  I encourage you to make these tacos tonight... I bet you have the majority of the ingredients in your house right now! 

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken
Brunch N'Cupcakes 
Serves 4 

1 - oz can Green Chilies 
2 Cups of your Favorite Salsa 
2 Chicken Breasts 
3/4 Cup Water 
1 Teaspoon Chili Powder, Garlic Powder and Cumin 
1 - 15 Oz Can Black Beans Drained 

For serving: 
Corn/Whole Wheat Tortillas 
Corn Chips - if you prefer over Tortillas
Your fave taco toppings; lettuce, onions, tomatoes, greek yogurt... etc.

1- Combine green chilies through spices in a slow cooker.  Mix well and ensure the chicken is fully covered in liquid.  Cook on low for 8 hours. 
2- Once chicken is fully cooked through shred into bite size pieces.  Stir in can of black beans and serve! 

I love serving this slower cooker salsa chicken over rice or scooping it up with corn chips!  This salsa chicken also makes an excellent taco salad filler! 

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