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Sunday, July 19, 2015

{Weekly Menu July 19th-25}

Another weekend come and gone to quickly!  But it was a wonderful one!  Boating, friends, family and a special little boys first birthday party (our Nephews)!  It was such a perfect weekend! 

We also experienced some insanely hot weather here in Minnesota, but we experienced some of the most beautiful Minnesota evenings as well!  Slightly warm, sunny and just beautiful! 

For this weeks menu I am focusing on dishes that will help me use up all the produce Derek and I have in the house, as we will be down South this upcoming weekend for his families annual weekend get away!  I secretly love weeks where I don't have to grocery shop!  SO... with that being said here is this weeks menu! 



I usually always have canned beans, an avocado and tomatoes  on hand which make it easy to whip up this delicious bowl of goodness!  


A great recipe that uses pantry staples and makes delicious leftovers! Use up leftover brown rice from Monday's dinner to help keep meal prep to a minimum! 


Use up leftover veggies for this recipe, best part about this recipe is you can use any veggies you have on hand! 

Happy Cooking! 

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