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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

{Review of the New Mizuno Wave Sky}

I want to thank both Mizuno and Fitfluential for making this post possible.  I received the Mizuno Wave Sky at no cost in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago I was sent a pair of Mizuno’s new running shoe the Wave Sky to test out.   The Wave Sky is their new high cushion neutral shoe that is replacing the Enigma.  
I was excited to take the Wave Sky out for a test run especially since I typically train in a lighter neutral shoe (think Brooks Launch, Nike Pegasus 33) with less cushioning.   Prior to Brooks and Nike I owned several pairs of the Mizuno Wave Rider (also a lighter neutral shoe), so testing out the new Wave Sky was not my first rodeo with the brand.  

My initial thoughts when I opened the  Wave Sky box was woah I love the color, and man that’s seems like a lot of shoe.  Now let me explain –

o   Color  - As a runner I am always a sucker for fun, bright colored running shoes.  I typically go for the brightest shoe the store has!  The vibrant teal color of the Wave Sky is right up my alley, and the lime green accents and fun detailing on the shoe laces were an added bonus. 
o   Lot of Shoe – As I mentioned above I typically run in a lighter neutral shoe.  So when I first saw how thick the sole was on the Wave Sky I was concerned that the shoe would feel clunky as I ran or be to heavy.  

Upon trying on the Wave Sky I was pleased with how comfortable and supportive they were.  The plush cushioning hugged my feet and I felt as though I was walking on pillows.  The cushioning also provided a nice spring when I walked.  I initially tested the shoes out on a shorter treadmill run, since I didn't know what to expect.  Much like when I walked around in the Wave Sky the thick plush cushioning provided a little spring to my landing, which my tired legs welcomed.   My initial concern with the shoe being to much or to heavy quickly vanished as I began running in the Wave Sky.  While the Wave Sky is more shoe then I am used to, I did not notice the shoe being overly heavy as I ran.   

I have now done several runs in the new Wave Sky and here are my final thoughts.  Overall I like the new Mizuno Wave Sky.  The added spring the cushioning gave me was nice on days were my legs felt tired.  I can see myself using the Wave Sky for slower recovery miles and sticking to my lighter neutral shoes for days when I do speed work.  The only concern I had with the Wave Sky was that my feet went numb/got tingly during my first few runs in the shoe.  About a mile or so in I would notice the balls of my feet start to burn.  Now I don't know if this is due to the extra cushioning that my feet were not used to or if it was something else.  I did notice the numb/tingly feeling go away the more I broke in the Wave Sky

Shoe Specs - 
Category: Neutral
Weight:  9.3 oz. (Women’s)
Sizes: 6-11 (Women’s)
Drop: 10 mm (Men and Women)
Suggested MSRP: $150

Thank you again Mizuno and FitFluental for the opportunity!