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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Spring Craft Idea for Littles

I am always thankful for Springs arrival (goodbye Winter)!  But this year with everything going on I am extra grateful for beautiful weather so we can get outside for a bit and escape the house, while still social distancing ourselves of course. 

With the weather warming up, and Easter right around the corner I thought I would share a fun little Spring craft idea with you all.  It's a perfect activity to keep little's occupied, and doesn't require a ton of craft supplies!  You likely already have everything you need in your house!  Here is what you need...

- Paint 
- Construction Paper 
- Pom Poms - Optional 
- Googly Eyes - Optional
- Small cups or a plate for paint
- Empty Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll- Cut into small sections - you will use these to paint
- Felt Add Ons - Optional, we got the cute little bunny faces at Target in the dollar section, doesnt look like they are online! 

Here is what you do! 

1 - Trace a bunny shape out on construction paper, I free handed mine with a small round Tupperware bowl.  Or click here for one I created that you can print out and trace. 
2- Cut your bunny out and place on newspaper (it might get messy). 
3- Pour a small amount of paint in small cups or on a plate, we used 3 different colors. 
4- Dip the end of a toilet paper/paper towel roll into each of the paint colors and then use the toilet paper/paper towel roll to dab/paint your bunny however you like! 
5 - Let bunny dry and then decorate with googly eyes, pom poms or felt add ons (I found ours randomly in the Target $ Section).  We then mounted our bunny to another piece of construction paper and voila you're done!

Enjoy and Happy Spring!

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